Colombian Models | Paola Mendoza Palma Yeneiris Has Beauty & Charisma

by Garytt on February 5, 2011

Like many young children, Paola Mendoza Palma Yeneiris liked to play pretend – in her case, she always pretended she was a queen. Her surroundings made fertile ground for this particular version of make believe, as she’s the only child of parents Carlos Mendoza and Meris Palma.

Latin Beauty Yeneiris

Latin Beauty Yeneiris

At sixteen years old, her dreams of queenship began to find purchase in reality: in 2002 she was crowned Queen of Cumbia, which is a natural competition held in El Banco Magdalena. This is when Yeneiris first stepped onto the public stage, where she started to captivate others with her beauty, intelligence, and charisma.

After this first major win, she was approached to take place in several other pageants, including one in Corozal, where she won second place.

Colombian Model Yeneiris

Colombian Model Yeneiris

In pursuit of this dream Yeneiris divided her days between the gym and school. In 2005 she was invited to take place in the Queen of Queens contest, held at the Carnival of Barranquilla, where she took a reigning title yet again.

Yeneiris, who generally prefers to be called by her middle name, was particularly noted for her dancing skills, with the cumbia mapale being her greatest strength.

“These are the dances and sounds of my native culture, and I identify with them the most,” said Yeneiris.

Yeneiris stands at 1.71 meters in height and boasts stunning honey brown hair alongside alluring brown skin and eyes – it’s no wonder that many companies saw in her a perfect representative for their products.

Unsurprisingly, this queen was quickly courted by several companies, and her face and body began to appear in catalogs, magazines, and even calendars. In this way, Yeneiris began to develop as a model. After three years of hitting the runways and promoting products, however, the queen had to take a break from her material commitments, as she was pregnant with her first daughter, Marianna.

Colombian Beauty Queen  Yeneiris

Colombian Beauty Queen Yeneiris

Now at age 24, Yeneiris says that her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter has helped her mature into a stronger young woman. She is preparing to reenter the modeling world while not abandoning her most important duties as a mother.

In January, Yeneiris plans to take part in the Miss Model of the World, which will be held in Puerto Gaitan. “I know this is the opportunity which will add more success to my life,” Yeneiris says when asked about her return to the world stage. “God and my daughter are my strength, and they help me overcome obstacles and achieve my dreams.”

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