Sexy Model And Bikini Designer Claudia Olivares

by Garytt on August 13, 2010

It is not unusual that a beautiful coastal woman stalls traffic in Barranquilla since they have the curvy, sexy bodies that are powerful attraction to all men. However, a woman being photographed in sexy bikini swimsuits in a public place are not common.

For this reason and as a well deserved tribute to a great work of Barranquilla, this week’s Wednesdays Girl was photographed at the Transmetro bus station, the pride of our city and a great symbol of development of this coastal city.

We can think of no better model than the former Queen of the Soledad Carrnival Claudia Olivares who is also a fashion designer. This multifaceted woman has always given her whole heart to all of her commitments

Colombian Beauty Queen, Claudia Olivares

Colombian Beauty Queen, Claudia Olivares

The experience for this soledeña was fascinating but she has to admit that it was a little uncomfortable. “It felt really different and cool. It is great to show the people the great work that is going on in Barranquilla.

“There were many curious onlookers and I had to caution a boy who was taking photos that it was not allowed.” Can you blame the boy for wanting to photograpgh this gorgeous Colombian woman modeling bikinis? Other than that, it went very well” said the lovely Claudia.

Ms Olivares studied fashion at the Universidad Autónoma del Caribe, a field that has always been a great passion for her.

Currently, this easy going woman has her own line of bikini swimsuits. “ I had devoted most of my time to modeling and had to let my design work wait. But now I have my own line, her new collection will be released in the holiday season and is a tribute to the hard work of the Wayúu Indians.

In her designs, Claudia likes garments to be elegant, subtle but very chic. “I like everything to go together perfectly, the fitting, prints, and earth colors. Right now, what has inspired me the most is the Wayúu fabric which is very beautiful, very traditional” explained the designer and model.

Claudia is aware that the work is hard, and that the road is quite long, but she is confident that with much dedication and perseverance, she can be successful.

Right now her biggest showcases for her swimsuits are in shops in the market of Cartagena. “The goal obviously is to have our own store, take a trip to Italy to bring back many ideas of that country. Then we could use Italian and Colombian fabrics and could offer excellent quality material to our customers,” says the former beauty queen.

On her experience as Queen of the Carnival of Soledad in 2008, Ms Olivares tells that this event was a springboard for your personal and professional life.

Thanks to her reign, she could break into modeling, although she explains that it is a hobby. Claudia has also become part of the newscast Televista as a presenter of the entertainment section. “The truth is I’ve never before been on television and I thank God I was given this opportunity.” “If he intends me to be on TV again, I accept”, says the very secure & pretty coastal lady.

This fashion designer is defined as a cheerful, outgoing, humble and talented person. In her spare time she likes going to movies, going out with her family, her boyfriend, and also focus on designing.

This is Claudia Olivares, a woman strong, dreamy, hard-working coastal woman as is the facilities of Transmetro, the scenery that served as witness to her naturalness, sensuality and the beautiful curves of her body.

Colombian Beauty Queen, Claudia Olivares

Colombian Beauty Queen, Claudia Olivares

Texto: Brenda Romero
Vestuario: Clata – Villa Country Zapatos: Diana Rolando
Maquillaje: Staff Modelo: Alfredo Alcalá Lorena Arena
Agradecimientos: Transmetro Barranquilla
Fotografía: Emilio Yidi
Vestidos de Baños: Claudia Olivares, moda mare
Asistente de Fotografía: Roberto Martínez

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