Colombian Women and Men Think They Are The Sexiest

by Garytt on October 9, 2010

We ran across this survey conducted by Grupo de Diarios America on sexuality in Latin America and thought we would share with our readers. This survey represents 13,000 internet interviews with Latinos in 11 countries in Latin America on the subjects of sex, infidelity, and other self perceptions .

Colombians Say They Are The Sexiest!

Colombians Say They Are The Sexiest!

Some interesting statistics that they list are:

  • Colombians are the most unfaithful in Latin America at 66 percent for men and women
  • Colombian women lead all women with 59.2 percent having admitted having sex with other partners “once or twice”while married.
  • Chilean women lead all womwn who claim to have cheated more than three times on their partner with 15.1 percent ( Brazilian women are second)
  • Colombians think they are sexier than other Latin Americans by by 88.8 percent. 87% feel comfortable with their bodies. (we have to admit, Colombian women have bodies that are shaped like no others, WOW!)
  • Brazilians lead the list of Latinos admitting infidelity more than three times at 26.2 percent
  • Beautiful Colombiana

    Beautiful Colombiana

  • Argentine women claim to be the most faithful while Urguayan men claim fidelity 47 percent.
  • Almost 90% of Latin Americans claim to be “satisfied”" or “very satisfied” with their sex life.
  • However, Latin Americans do report they would like to have sex even more often (more than one to two times a week they currently report) This was largely the men reporting this fact as only 25% of women need more sex while 42 percent of men.
  • 47.5 percent have Latin American men and women admit to having been in a “threesome” and seven in ten masterbate
  • Seven of 10 Latinos say they have had sex while intoxicated on alcohol at least once (Colombians are the highest with 82%

These are all interesting facts about Colombians, Brazilians, Mexicans and other Latin Americans. You can read the original article at El

Seis de cada 10 latinoamericanos (el 63 por ciento) admite que ha ‘puesto cachos’ al menos una vez.

El sondeo sobre sexualidad fue hecho para el Grupo de Diarios América (GDA) por la firma Tendencias Digitales (Caracas) en 11 países de la región y a más de 13.000 personas, vía Internet.

En esta encuesta los colombianos aparecemos como los más infieles de la región, pues en nuestro país un 66 por ciento de los hombres y mujeres encuestados admite haber engañado a su pareja al menos una vez.

La mayoría de los ‘infieles confesos’ de Latinoamérica son hombres. El 70 por ciento dice que lo ha hecho “una o dos veces”. Los brasileños se ubican a la cabeza de los que dicen que lo han hecho “más de tres veces” (26,2 por ciento), seguidos por los costarricenses (22,3) y los colombianos (21,7). Los brasileños son también los que más aseguran estar siendo infieles a su pareja en estos momentos (16,2 por ciento), seguidos por los mexicanos (14,6).

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